• 3 Lessons

    An Introduction to P-E-O

    At Mission Increase, we're convinced that ministries need a champion development strategy that encourages COMPREHENSIVE growth in the cause.  The strategy we offer is called P-E-O where P is participation,  E is engagement and O is ownership. This micro-course will walk you through the creation of a P-E-O chart–a planning document outlining the set of comprehensives steps you offer your champions.  We start by listing all of the steps and then categorize different types of activities (giving, serving, sharing, praying, learning).
  • 23 Lessons

    Area Director Onboarding

    Welcome to the Area Director Onboarding eWorkbook! This course outlines every aspect of the AD role and is used to onboard new ADs and serve as reference material as needed.
  • 2 Lessons

    Case For Support: An Introduction

    Why should someone give to your nonprofit organization? How does your work help others impact the cause? A Case for Support is a brief statement that clarifies the reason your organization exists and why others should support it.
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    Design Inspirational Large-Scale Fundraising Events

    Organizations lose around half their donor base each year. For your nonprofit to survive, you must be regularly inviting new people the cause. Hosting an inspiring large-scale event can help your organization reach a wider audience where you can cultivate engagement with new people.

    Over the past two decades, Mission Increase’s model for large-scale events has helped thousands of leaders to invite new people, in addition to raise more money, grow existing champions, and build community through inspiring fundraising dinners.

    This workshop will focus on the important planning principles for large-scale events. When you gather together with peers in ministry to practice:

    • Brainstorming your guest list
    • Designing a great program
    • Construct a follow-up plan

    This updated workshop will surely benefit your entire team. Be sure to invite key volunteers, development staff and board members to participate.

  • 4 Lessons

    How to Grow Effective and Faithful Boards

    Great boards can be a gift to an organization when members understand their role and create environments dedicated to serving the kingdom. Board service can also be a tremendous gift the person serving when members have the freedom to offer their skills and lead with courage. With role clarity, healthy board composition, and invigorating communication, board service is a blessing to leaders and organizations. How do you foster the change needed to help your organization’s board grow into the strategic leaders and protectors of the mission required to achieve your God-given vision? Participate to:
    • Learn the key roles and responsibilities related to serving on a faith-based nonprofit board
    • Learn ways board members can create pathways for congregations and nonprofits to work together
    • Explore key ways to increase board engagement
    • Practice skills needed to recruit and retire board members
    This workshop is intentionally designed for ministry board members and staff to participate in together so that you can carve out a path that leads to advancing the cause and creating lasting kingdom impact Note: You may see this material referred to as a "course." This is a function of our learning management system, and we're using the term to include the learning preparation, workshop workbook, and resource toolbox.
  • 8 Lessons

    Introduction to Annual Fundraising Plans

    Welcome to the Annual Fundraising Plan Micro-course Working in conjunction with your Area Director, use the seven steps below to design a flexible and functional…
  • 3 Lessons

    Introduction to MI

    Mission Increase equips donors, nonprofits, and churches to multiply their collective Kingdom impact, so that lives are transformed for Jesus. We are committed to teaching Christian nonprofits how to embrace and deploy a biblical approach to fundraising so that the nonprofit can fulfill their God-given mission resulting in communities and lives being transformed for Christ.
    This micro-course will help you:
    • outcome
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    • outcome
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    Unlock the Power of a Major Gifts Plan

    Asking the right person for the right gift at the right time takes careful consideration and planning. This requires meeting with givers and building relationships. This requires a system to track data and next steps. Whether you’re an experienced major gifts fundraiser or just getting started, this refreshed workshop will allow you to practice the planning skills you need to make major gifts a key component of your overall fundraising strategy. Gather together with peers in ministry for hands-on practice to:

    • Define for their organization what makes someone a major giver
    • Practice using components of a major gifts plan
    • Create specific plans for nurturing relationships with individuals and giving organizations.
    • Practice training others to use a plan

    This updated workshop is a complement to our other major gifts workshops and will benefit your entire team. Be sure to invite development staff, board members, and even key givers to participate. Major gifts are one of our most requested topics, so register for this workshop today! We encourage you and your team to take full advantage of our learning series by:

    • Attending the workshop
    • Watching the national webinar on February 15th
    • Joining any group coaching events
    • Schedule individual coaching appointment with your Area Director



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