• 3 Lessons

    An Introduction to P-E-O

    At Mission Increase, we're convinced that ministries need a champion development strategy that encourages COMPREHENSIVE growth in the cause.  The strategy we offer is called P-E-O where P is participation,  E is engagement and O is ownership. This micro-course will walk you through the creation of a P-E-O chart–a planning document outlining the set of comprehensives steps you offer your champions.  We start by listing all of the steps and then categorize different types of activities (giving, serving, sharing, praying, learning).
  • 2 Lessons

    Case For Support: An Introduction

    Why should someone give to your nonprofit organization? How does your work help others impact the cause? A Case for Support is a brief statement that clarifies the reason your organization exists and why others should support it.
  • 8 Lessons

    Introduction to Annual Fundraising Plans

    Welcome to the Annual Fundraising Plan Micro-course Working in conjunction with your Area Director, use the seven steps below to design a flexible and functional…



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