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In preparation for your training, follow the four steps below.

Step 1: Access the GrowthTrack site and log in

Save this as a favorite in your browser (Chrome Is an ideal browser). Your credentials are automatically the same as your Microsoft credentials. Your username is your Mission Increase email address (i.e. kroe@missionincrease.org) and the same password used.  If you have trouble logging in, contact Karla kroe@missionincrease.org

Step 2: Set up your Single sign-on (SSO) credentials to access the Ministry Portal

This function of GrowthTrack is for ministry leaders. Signing in with your SSO credentials allows you to successfully impersonate a ministry leader from GrowthTrack and see what leaders see.

Use your same email address/password as for GrowthTrack site, and then end this process by verifying your email address. (You do not need to set up a ministry account, as a leader would, but this initial process allows you to impersonate a ministry leader. Karla will finalize the process with our IT.) Once Karla has finalized the process, you will be able to impersonate a Ministry Portal user from the GrowthTrack. When you click the impersonate button log in using your SSO credentials, as needed.

To stay automatically logged in, hit “Remember Me” for the browser, and do not hit log out each time you visit GrowthTrack. 

Step 3: Submit your presenter biography and headshot

In GrowthTrack your headshot and bio will be included with all your community events.
Headshot ideally sized around 100 pixels in width & ideally landscape and a jpeg format. 

Send your headshot and biography to kroe@missionincrease.org.

Below is an example, in terms of length and general approach:

Rolando Zeledon serves as the Area Director for Inland Valleys in Southern California. He has over twenty years of experience in the small business and nonprofit sectors. Since 1999, after completing his undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering from Stanford University and successfully launching a small business, he held positions in fundraising, programs, operations and executive leadership for a handful of nonprofits in the Silicon Valley. For twelve years prior to Mission Increase, Rolando served as the Executive Director at Bayshore Christian Ministries, a holistic youth development ministry in East Palo Alto, CA. He is thrilled to serve at Mission Increase allowing him the privilege to leverage his broad nonprofit experience to train, coach and mentor ministry leaders and grow God’s kingdom. Rolando, his wife, Dolores, and their four children are enjoying the experience of life in Southern CA.

Step 4: Start gathering contacts from location connections to build the prospect list

Karla will share prospecting spreadsheet in which all team members can work to add prospects.

Minimum requirement: contact name, organization, mailing address, and email address.

Here is an email template you can use to share with your local contacts:

You are a key member of our community and I am excited to have your support as we launch Mission Increase ! We are avidly working NOW to build this community by gathering contact information for prospective organizations.  I would appreciate your help in this effort if you can provide any local lists of organizations and ministry leaders, with contact information (including organization, leader name, mailing address, email address).  This information will only be used to invite organizations to join us for our free launch event and engage with Mission Increase through our free core services of training and coaching.  Thank you, in advance!



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