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At the heart of Mission Increase’s work with Christian nonprofits is a biblical view of giving
summarized in our “Ten Principles of Transformational Giving.” These principles guide nonprofits
toward a genuine understanding of fundraising as the building of a community and away from
simply asking for money to support their work. Transformational Giving always begins with the
acknowledgement of Jesus’ words found in Acts 20:35 (NIV), “It is more blessed to give than to
receive.” The community that is then created between nonprofits and their champions, whom
God uses to advance the Gospel, begins with Love for others, faith in God’s provision, and a
willingness to be led by the Holy Spirit.

The TG 10 principles can be categorized into three groups. Based on your study of scripture thus far in your training, articulate which passages of scripture you would correlate to each of the following TG 10 principles. Download the following tool to record your thoughts.



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