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Making Your Case for Support

Case for Support: Defined

A Case for Support, also called a Case Statement, is an emotionally-compelling message that casts a vision for your organization and tells givers why they should invest in your work. Your case for support is one of the most important tools in your fundraising arsenal. 

A strong case for support describes the problem you exist to solve, the solution your organization offers, the outcome that happens when the solution is applied to the problem, and an invitation to get involved. 

When it’s done well, a Case for Support become the structural components for all your communication pieces. 

Printable/Fillable Case for Support Tool

This worksheet will guide you step-by-step through the process of crafting a case for support statement for your organization. 

We invite you to download the tool now and work through it on your own to help you understand the basic concept behind a case for support. You can then follow up in a couple ways: 

  • Share your initial draft with your Mission Increase Area Director for their feedback, suggestions, and help
  • Work through the document with your staff, board, or team to quickly develop a strong case for support 

In the following steps of this course, we’ll review examples of case for support documents from a variety of organizations. Be sure to click on the “i” icon to see commentary, tips, and other helpful notes. 



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