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Interact with the following 3 lessons related to the topic of your Board Leadership. Investing the time now to work through this module will help you be more prepared to explore how to grow effective and faithful board leadership.

  1. Review and reflect on the 5 Models for Boards chart and assess where your board currently functions (5 minutes).
  2. Review the roles and responsibilities of a governing board and evaluate how well your board fulfills these (10 minutes)
  3. Practice writing and sharing your own ministry testimonial (10 minutes)

5 Models for Boards

Take a moment to read through the 5 Models for Boards, developed by Terrence Jackson, and identify the one that current describes your board. 

The healthiest, most effective boards are right in the middle, boards as governors. Boards as governors are exercising their strengths while allowing the CEO or ED to function in their strength. While there is a recommended mode, we recognize that not all be there yet. In certain seasons, a board may need to operate in a different mode (i.e.: when an organization is brand new, the board may operate as staff). 

Once you’ve identified where you currently are, review the column that is one step closer to the center and consider what steps you can take to move toward a board as governors.

Roles and Responsibilities

 When a board is functioning as governors, and each member understands their roles and responsibilities, board service becomes a gift. The ministry is benefited by a strong leadership, and simultaneously, each individual board member is given a great opportunity to exercise their God-given gifting with efficiency and faithfulness.

Download this tool and review the roles and responsibilities of a governing board. Evaluate how well your board fulfills these. Don’t feel discouraged if you board is not where you want it to be yet. Bring this tool with you to the workshop to refer to as you explore how these roles and responsibilities function in real life scenarios. 

Sharing Your Story

Every board member has a story of connection to the cause – even if they don’t know it yet.  People are genuinely moved by personal stories, so it’s important to help equip board members with their own so that they can use it when introducing your organization to someone, hosting a micro-event or table at a fundraiser, or making an ask.

Download this tool to help articulate your story. Once you’ve got a draft, practice sharing it. Trying sharing it a fellow board member, someone in your family and someone who doesn’t know much about what you do with your organization. Ask them for feedback and notice how you may adjust your story depending on audience. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the How to Grow Effective and Faithful Boards workshop.
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