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Toolbox: Board Resources for You and Your Team


Below are highlighted tools and resources for growing faithful and effective boards. For additional tools, or to work through specific issues facing your board, reach out to your area director. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Boards' Roles and Responsibilities

This tool reviews the roles and responsibilities of a governing board. Evaluate how well your board fulfills these and make a plan for how to improve the ones that need attention.

Board Policy Manual Template

This template, designed by The Andringa Group will simplify the process of creating and using a Board Policy Manual for your organization.

Board Self-Assessment Survey

It is important for board members to regularly self-assess how their role on the board. Use this tool to provide board members with an easy way to evaluate themselves and create an opportunity for discussion.

Increase Board Engagement

Annual Champion Development for Board Members Form

A form designed to help board members commit to the growth steps they intend to take (prayer, learning, serving, sharing, and giving) in a year and determine their plan for participation.

Share Your Story

This tool is designed to help board members articulate their story of connection to the organization.

Annual Board Calendar

This tool is designed to help a board plan out their meeting schedule with corresponding topics.

Board Member Financial Commitment Form

This form helps board members and CEOs clearly communicate about their intended financial commitments each year.

Board Discernment Exercise

This tool will help boards incorporate prayer and discernment as generative thinking when facing an opportunity or challenge in an upcoming board meeting.

Engage With the Church

Church Acknowledgement of Appreciation Template

A sample church commitment statement to help your nonprofit communicate to any church what they can expect from working with you.

The End and Future of the Church/”Para-Church” Relationship

Churches and faith-based non-profits – congregations and ministries – need each other now more than ever. In both the executive summary and the full version, Scott Harris and Amy Sherman make the case for mutual respect, meaningful partnerships and deep collaboration for the flourishing of congregations, ministries, God’s people and the communities they serve.

Recruit, Retain, and Retire

Board Annual Affirmation

This tool is designed as both an example of an annual affirmation as well as an opportunity to experience the affirmation exercise firsthand.

Board Recruitment Brainstorm Guide

A step-by-step guide to help a board brainstorm and identify potential board members.

Board Member Job Description Templates

A sample generic board member description along with 16 position-specific job description templates.

Additional Resource for Recruiting, Retaining, and Retiring from BoardSource

Nonprofit Board Orientation Checklist

This BoardSource checklist provides new board members with the necessary materials and information during the orientation process.

Board Recruitment: Are you focusing on the right things?

A BoardSource study that illuminates an area of focus for boards intent on improving their performance: recruitment.

Additional Resources

Acts 15 Bible Study Related to Board Leadership

The Bible is filled with wisdom and solutions to the questions and problems we face in the 21st century. The best outcomes for life will come from the Bible. Boards, meetings, and decisionmaking are no exception.

Spiritual Director Webinar

This 2019 Mission Increase webinar discusses the important topic of creating a culture of prayer and discernment in your organization, starting with your board.

Nonprofit Board Answer Book

An essential guide to good governance for board leaders at all levels of experience and expertise.

The Board and the CEO

Seven practices to protect your organization's most important relationship.

Spirituality of Fundraising

This book will upend your thoughts about fundraising so that you can experience it as a joyful calling.



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