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Engage With Local Churches

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Effective and faithful boards engage with the church.

Board members can create pathways for congregations and nonprofits to work together.

Healthy perspective for engaging with local churches​:

  • Blessing
  • Appreciation
  • Acknowledgment
  • Encouragement

Acknowledgement of Appreciation Template

INSTRUCTIONS: The following content is a templatized statement for boards to appreciate the work of the local church and acknowledge the existing partnership that comes by means of a board member.

Insert the name of the organization, church, and board member in the spaces below and customize to fit your context.

After establishing the commitments your board can make with local churches, brainstorm together how you will use this document as you begin or continue to cultivate relationships with these churches.

The (Name of Organization) Commitment to (Name of Church)

As a faith-based non-profit ministry, we are a group of believers who are called to meet needs in our world as we provide opportunities for God’s people to serve. We recognize the key role that local congregations fill in our lives.

We are honored that (board member) is both a board member of (organization) and a member of the (church) family of faith. In appreciation to (church) for the gift of (board member), the (organization) makes this following commitment to our sisters and brothers at (church).

1. We commit that all volunteers, staff, and board members of (organization) will be encouraged to be active, faithful, giving members to their local churches.

2. We commit that (organization) will provide a healthy platform for (board member) to utilize their spiritual gifts, abilities, experiences, and skills to further God’s Kingdom in our community and world.

3. We commit that (organization) will pray regularly for the work and witness of (church) in our community and world.

4. We commit that (organization) is willing to work with (church) to make disciples together for the good of our community and world.


Review this example Acknowledgement of Appreciation from a nonprofit organization called, “The Well Food Pantry”  outlining its commitment to First Presbyterian Church. 

How would a document like this work for your organization? What would need to change for your relational context?

What are churches looking for in an organization?

  • Mission Alignment
  • Member Engagement
  • Ministry Effectiveness

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How the board can nurture relationships with churches:

  1. Thank the church for the gift of their member
  2. Ask board member to introduce you to their church leadership
  3. Pray for churches represented
  4. Pastor Appreciation month in October
  5. Offer additional volunteer opportunities for church members
  6. Request funding from the church
  7. Ask the church for potential names



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