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The Mission Increase Approach

The Area Director

Mission Increase Area Directors (ADs) are Christ-centered coaches ready to guide ministry leaders in fundraising, leadership, communication, and the pursuit of organizational health. ADs understand the frustrations and struggles that can come with the work and believe that no one should have to experience fundraising as an obligation, rather it can be a great ministry opportunity.

For over 20 years, our team of skillful and trained ADs have walked alongside thousands of ministry leaders just like you; guiding and equipping them with the practical skills and biblically-based giving principles to not only raise more money, but have more impact, and grow the people God brought to their organization.

The Ministry Community

Mission Increase convenes and connects nonprofit and ministry leaders into learning communities across the country (and now in other countries, too!). We believe community is the best context for learning and practicing biblical approaches to fundraising, organizational health, leadership, and ministry.

Our Program

4 Categories, 12 Modules

Streamlined Learning

The Mission Increase program consists of 12 modules in 4 categories: Major Gifts, Acquisition Events, Communications, and Ministry Leadership. We believe these modules prepare ministry leaders for successful fundraising and healthy, biblical ministry.

Currently, this content is delivered through quarterly learning emphases, which include workshops (in-person and virtual), webinars, local group learning events, and coaching appointments with your Area Director.



Want to learn more? Need help applying to your ministry? A free Mission Increase coaching account includes one-on-one and small group coaching with your local Area Director.