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The Art of This Basic Skill

This concept is really important and here's why

This section of course content, called a lesson in LearnDash, is centered around a main idea, key concept, or major component of whatever knowledge/skill/character we’re training ministry leaders in this quarter. 

To begin, we list out the learning outcomes for this lesson: 

  • Learn purposeful mechanics for performing this skill
  • Get reps performing the skill in low-risk, high-feedback environments
  • Add reps that approximate real-world performance of the skill
  • Prepare the Learner for the content in the next lesson


Though this lesson is one component of this workshop course, it will also be used as a standalone “micro-course” on the subject that can fill in any learning gaps and prepare a Learner for a meaningful coaching conversation. As such, it’s important for each lesson to have a beginning and an end, and to have just enough context to make sense whether delivered on its own or as part of a course.

Presentation Slides

Slides from the relevant portion of the Area Director’s presentation go here. These are placeholders.

Here, we add a reminder for the Learner to take notes and brief instructions for how to do this using the two-way electronic notebook built into our LMS. Each reminder to take notes is also an opportunity to invite Learners to greater involvement: coaching appointments, message boards, group learning, etc. 

From God's Word...

Here we will present a relevant passage of Scripture. It should either be a reiteration of the passage included in the Learning Preparation lesson, or another related passage that adds clarity and encouragement. The "Tweet" button below makes it easy for our Learners to share the passage, and helps us track engagement.

Instructions for a group learning activity

This section provides workshop attendees with instructions for a table activity that will help Learners understand and apply the knowledge/skills introduced in this lesson. Instructions should go here rather than on a difficult-to read projection of a PPT slide.   

Knowing that some of our Learners will prefer to work offline, we will always want to include printed and printable versions of our tools, resources, and learning activity guides. For example, by clicking on this image, the Learner may download a printable PDF of this worksheet. 

Here, we set up expectations for the next segment of learning, which is an online version of the printable tool above. The online version is broken down step-by-step, and is preferable to the printed version because it allows us to see the Learners’ work, measure what they do/don’t do, and provide feedback where desired. 

This is another invitation to visit the forums for discussion about this activity with others in the community. This is a supplement to in-person discussion, and provides opportunity for Learners who might not want to engage with the group publicly. 

Area Directors are encouraged to monitor the discussion in the Community Forums or to deputize a couple trusted ministry leaders in attendance to do this on their behalf. 

Forums Questions for your Area Director

  • Questions for your Area Director

    Posted by Caleb on August 23, 2022 at 7:48 pm

    This is the place to post any questions you might about about the topic of today’s workshop. If you have some insight to share with others, feel free to post that here, too!

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