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Sample Lesson 3

A skill to learn

Another thing we want ministry leaders to know and do

This lesson presents a series of examples that will help the Learner understand a key skill. We will use lessons like these to highlight real-world examples of a skill. The slides below can show images illustrating the examples. 

When sharing examples, we want to pay special attention to handle these things carefully. General principles for examples:

  • Take care to share examples from a variety of contexts and ministry types. We don’t want feature only well-known, well-funded ministries, but also smaller and resource-limited organizations.
  • These examples are real people who are doing their best. We will not be critical of their work.
  • Featuring a ministry example is not necessarily an endorsement of the organization or its members and champions. Whenever possible, we should avoid controversial examples, as they can distract from the learning experience, diminishing the learning value 
  • Sometimes, it can be effective to show negative examples, things not to do. In these cases, we should either:
    • Create artificial examples, such as “Back 2 School Ministries” 
    • Anonymize the example by redacting all identifying information or creating a fictional facsimile of the example
    • Negative examples should always be accompanied by an explanation that they do not represent real organizations

Slideshow of images illustrating an example of a ministry doing the skill in question. 

Here, we add a reminder for the Learner to take notes and brief instructions for how to do this using the two-way electronic notebook built into our LMS. Each reminder to take notes is also an opportunity to invite Learners to greater involvement: coaching appointments, message boards, group learning, etc. 

From God's Word...

Here we will present a relevant passage of Scripture. It should either be a reiteration of the passage included in the Learning Preparation lesson, or another related passage that adds clarity and encouragement. The "Tweet" button below makes it easy for our Learners to share the passage, and helps us track engagement.

A bit more content

This section outlines content from the Area Director’s in-person presentation. It can be used to explain and outline helpful information relevant to the subject of the lesson. The more we include here, the freer our Learners will be to concentrate on their own participation in the workshop rather than trying to capture the material presented verbally by the Area Director.

Here’s another invitation to discussion in the Community Forums. We want to foster ongoing conversations that persist in between in-person workshops. These discussions are facilitated and moderated by Area Directors and by their designees. This is a great way to involve ministry leaders in building and maintaining a sense of community among our ministry leaders. 

Forums Questions for your Area Director

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    This is the place to post any questions you might about about the topic of today’s workshop. If you have some insight to share with others, feel free to post that here, too!

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