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listen up yall


This lesson serves as the transition from the online introduction to the workshop material (the Learning Preparation section) to the in-person portion, which is focused on community learning-by-doing.

Because we cannot assume that all Learners have worked through the Learning Preparation content, we want to point them there and invite them to quickly review it as the workshop begins. Our hope is to:

  • Incentivize the use of the Learning Preparation 
  • Show how the Learning Preparation lays a foundation that supports the in-person group learning portion

A well-designed workshop will provide enough background for effective group learning without rehashing the content. Learners are encouraged to go back and do the learning preparation at their convenience.

Community Announcements

To help foster a sense of community and to encourage ministry leaders to participate in events organized by other local ministries, we want to post select events here. 

We also want to promote National Mission Increase events for ministry leaders. Details about these events, such as book clubs, group coaching, experiential learning events, and webinar watch parties should be posted here, along with registration links and easy ways to share about events on social media. 


Today's Schedule

Here, we show the schedule for the in-person portion of the workshop. This helps Learners know what to expect and how to participate. 

  • Group discussion: What is your experience with the subject? 
  • Instruction: 5 Ways to Do This Skill
  • Case Study: How a Successful Org implements the skill (and mistakes unsuccessful orgs sometimes make)


  • Rep 1: Doing the skill
  • Rep 2: Doing the skill again
  • Rep 3: Planning to do the skill in a different context
  • F.A.C.T.S. debrief of the learning experience 

During the workshop, Learners are encouraged to use the “Take Notes” feature by clicking on the green button at the bottom of the screen. This allows the Area Director to see the Learners’ notes and provide feedback if desired. 

We also want to take the opportunity to schedule an appointment to discuss the subject with the Learner’s Area Director, made easy by clicking on the COACHING tab on the right side of the screen. 

Following the workshop, the Learner will be provided with a summary of all workshop content and related tools, materials, and resources. By letting the Learner know this ahead of time, we can free them up to focus on listening and participating rather than working to capture all of the content. 

Presentation Video

While this lesson was designed to be part of a quarterly workshop with a central in-person community learning event, we will also want to leverage this content for off-cycle learning. In this case, a video will be included here as a substitute to the devotional, verbal instruction, and personal anecdotes that an Area Director would typically deliver during the workshop. 

In most cases, this video would be sourced by recording an Area Director’s in-person workshop presentation. We may also consider producing such videos at the NRC so we can control the quality, be disciplined about the duration, and otherwise make this our best version of the content. 

By making this video available to Area Directors, we can help them prepare for the next time they teach this course’s subject.

This video will serve as a substitute for the in-person workshop event for off-cycle learning.

Before the learning-by-doing portion of the course begins

While the Learner is waiting for the workshop to begin, we want to invite them to introduce themselves to other ministry leaders in attendance. They can do that in person or by posting to the community forum, which serves as a running chat during the workshop and beyond. A vibrant community works to make everyone to feel welcome and included, and our training needs to include regular prompts for Learners to engage in the social aspects of the learning community. 

Below is a window into a thread from the community forum. We want to embed relevant discussion threads for topics throughout our courses. 

Forums Introduce yourselves!

  • Introduce yourselves!

    Posted by Caleb on August 23, 2022 at 7:01 pm

    Hi! My name is Caleb Crider, and I’m the Director of Program Innovation at Mission Increase. I’m also a ministry leader; I cofounded The Upstream Collective, a network of churches committed to sending God’s people on mission. I’m so thankful for each of you!

    Feel free to reply to this thread to introduce yourself or ask any questions of one another.

    Caleb replied 1 year, 1 month ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
  • 0 Replies

Sorry, there were no replies found.

If the Learner hasn’t had a chance to review the Learning Preparation material, we invite them to scan through it now. They can always go back and read through the Learning Preparation lesson at a later time, but it’s designed to help prepare you for the in-person learning experience. 


The next page if the course is content that has historically been delivered in a printed workshop workbook. This electronic version of the content will include instructions for learning activities, reference materials, and links for more information.

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