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Consider: Your current vision, mission and cause

Why does vision matter?

God has called your organization to align with, care for, and impact a particular causeto have Kingdom impact. This undergirds all that you do and is the motivation for why you do what you do.

What is your overarching cause?

How will those you serve, and your champions, experience personal growth in Christ though involvement in your cause?

Where are you going?

Your vision outlines your aim. It describes where you want to be and communicates both the purpose and values of your ministry. Consider these questions below.

When God called our founder to launch this nonprofit, what Kingdom impact wasGod specifically aiming to happen through this nonprofit?

If five years from now our team is together saying, “Can you believe what God is doing through this nonprofit?” what is happening? What does thatanswer mean for the community we are in today?

What are we doing?

Your mission is about what you do and how you will get to where you want to be. It defines the purpose and primary objectives related to the needs of those you serve and values. Consider these questions below. What is the problem you’re trying to solve, and for whom?

What do you do to fix the problem?

What is the benefit?

What are we not doing yet?

You’ve considered the work you’re already doing toward the mission and vision. But consider what you’re not doing yet that could advance your work and Kingdom impact. •What could you add, expand, or improve to multiply your nonprofit’s impact on the cause? •What have you dreamed of?•What do champions suggest? •What feels “unfinished”? •Pause to ask God what he wants you to know about what you wrote above and thenwrite any answers or discoveries below.



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