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Watch and Reflect: Scene from Braveheart

Answer these questions:

What is the big vision?

Possible answers:

  • “I will invade England”
  • “That’s impossible”
  • “Why? Why is that impossible?”
  • “You’ve missed your God-given right to something better!”

What is the problem?

Possible answers:

  • “They will come back”
  • “You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position, I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom.”
  • “From topto bottom this country has no sense of itself”

Based on this example from Braveheart, how would you summarize how you know when you’ve arrived at your “big vision”?

Possible answers:

Courage is required to lead in pursuit of big vision

“Men don’t follow titles, they follow courage. If you would just lead them to freedom, they’d follow you. And so would I”


  • They were too busy fighting to see the big vision
  • They missed their calling
  • There is much for everyone to risk
  • Courage is required

Pause and pray and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you about your own vision.



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