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Example: First Priority

First Priority is a youth organization that supports student-initiated, student-led Christian clubs on middle school and high school campuses. The mission of the organization is to unite the body of Christ with a plan of action to influence the schools with the gospel. The distinction between First Priority and other club ministries is that they are a local-church strategy rather than a para-church ministry. They work to empower the 325,000 Evangelical churches to reach the students in 41,000 Public Middle and High schools in the U.S.

The appeal in this fundraising letter is built around a story of impact, a key principle we encourage leaders to implement. We want to share the life-change that God has allowed us to participate in to encourage continued participation. Notice also the picture is captioned and includes the individual mentioned in the story of impact. This helps create interest on the part of the recipiant to read the letter in its entirety.The back of the letter is all about participation. You want the recipent to know they can be a hero when they partner with your cause!

Read this sample fundraising letter and click on the + icons for commentary.





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