This is the comprehensive champion development strategy we teach. The set of comprehensive steps you offer to grow your givers toward what you desire FOR them.We want to grow champions in the cause.

  • Participation: It has a low level of commitmentand can require very little up-front knowledge of the organization.
  • Engagement: An engagement step requires more commitment. It is a deliberate step on the part of the champion to greater involvement. There is more knowledge, understanding and commitment to the cause.
  • Ownership: Those who are taking “O” steps are going beyond entry steps, and even beyond taking more deliberate involvement steps, into a new realm of helping equip others to share the cause. They are so engaged that they are looking at their role in your organization as a connection to a broader movement.

PEO typically includes 5 categories: Praying, Serving, Learning, Giving, and Sharing. To learn more about P-E-O read Coach Your Championsby Eric Foley.



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