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Begin your learning about Board Leadership – OLD

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here.

Below are resources that could be helpful for framing our conversation about healthy board leadership. Treat it as a menu of options you can choose from as you and your team prepare to attend the upcoming workshop. Come back to this page as often as you like. Investing the time now to work through this module will help you be more prepared for the in-person portion of this course. 

We will refer to the tools in the workshop. Becoming familiar with them ahead of time will be helpful. Below the tools are the books we’re reading to become prepared for facilitating learning about board leadership. Additionally, we’ve highlighted a 2019 webinar related to a specific board role in case you missed it. 


Boards' Roles and Responsibilities

This tool helps you consider the various characteristics of a strong board, identifying where your board is operating successfully and where it could benefit from focused attention.

Statements & Policies List

This tool lists the top ten recommended board statements and policies and helps you identify which you currently have and which you could benefit from developing. 

Who Else Might You Consider?

Spend time individually, or with your board to consider who else you might be overlooking as a possible board candidate.

What We're Reading

The Board and the CEO

Good relationships lie at the heart of every successful organization. Yet no relationship is more important—or more challenging—to navigate than the one between the board and the CEO. In this practical and concise book, Peter Greer and David Weekley draw from their years of experience to equip board members and organizational leaders to enter into an impactful, life-giving partnership. With this pivotal relationship in place, individuals and the organizations they serve can truly flourish.

The Nonprofit Board Answer Book

If you had the chance (and the time) to sit down face-to-face with thousands of board members and chief executives, do you think you could learn something about making your board more successful? This new and expanded edition of the Nonprofit Board Answer Book may be the next best thing. Organized in an easy-to-follow question and answer format, it covers just about every situation you're likely to encounter in nonprofit board governance.

The Choice

Secular values beckon us to adopt the world's way of thinking linked to most everything we do, and often we conform to cultural norms without even knowing it. There is the continual push for higher and greater results. When we idolize results that we think please Him, we actually fail to exhibit the obedience He asks of us. So what should ministry look like? Jesus instructs us to follow Him. When we do we find ten characteristics from Christ¹s earthly ministry that are also evident in the early church. We call this the kingdom path. This book points the way and invites each and every reader to make the choice to take it.

2019 Webinar

Would you like to experience the power of God in your ministry? The best source of effectiveness in your ministry comes through leadership that cultivates spiritual vitality. This webinar will focus on the creation of a board role called Spiritual Director and the implications of having a board member providing spiritual encouragement in your ministry.

Dennis Fuqua, Executive Director of International Renewal Ministries and author of several works including “United and Ignited: Encountering God Through Dynamic Corporate Prayer” will be our featured webinar guest along with Kevin Moore, Area Director of Mission Increase Central Alabama.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the How to Grow Effective and Faithful Boards workshop.
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