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P-E-O: A Donor Growth Strategy

Ministries need a donor development strategy that encourages comprehensive growth in the cause of the ministry and the cause of Christ. The strategy we offer is called P-E-O.

  • P is participation
  • E is engagement
  • O is ownership.

P-E-O Course

This micro-course will walk you through the philosophy of MI’s P-E-O donor growth strategy, as well provide you with the framework for building and using your own P-E-O plan.  
P-E-O is such a foundational component to MI’s way of fundraising. Going through this course will help you better understand P-E-O so you can teach and coach ministry leaders through it. Additionally, experiencing this micro-course first hand will allow you to recommend it to the right ministry leaders at the right time.

MI’s P-E-O Chart

We recommend ministries create their P-E-O chart as a group. Whether that’s senior leaders, board and staff, or staff and champions – it’s important to have multiple voices and perspectives involved when determining the various growth opportunities you are, or could be, offering to your champions.

Spend some time reviewing the P-E-O chart compiled by MI’s Area Director team. You’ll notice that this was aimed at growing not only ministry leaders, but donors as well. As you review, make note of observations and questions you have.

P-E-O Resources

While P-E-O chart is the backbone for a ministries donor growth plan, there are many other tools that draw from this strategy and break down planning steps into smaller chunks.

Spend some time reviewing the following resources and discuss with your mentor how and when you might use these tools with ministry leaders.

OPTIONAL: Additional Study Material

For further study, read through this 8-page white paper.

Watch this hour long P-E-O webinar featuring Matt Baxter and Kevin Whitman discuss how they see giving increase, as well as leaders and givers experiencing joy and working together to multiply their impact on the cause when ministries fully deploy P-E-O.


Conduct one to two 15 minute interviews with another area director about how P-E-O has made a difference in ministries they work with. Discuss with your mentor who you should meet with.



Want to learn more? Need help applying to your ministry? A free Mission Increase coaching account includes one-on-one and small group coaching with your local Area Director.