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Mission Increase Core – Part 2


Study Materials

Impacts and Outcomes

Intended Impacts

Read through MI’s Intended Impacts to understand the vision for the primary, secondary and tertiary impacts we intend to make through our program. 

MI’s Picture the Graduate

MI’s Picture the Graduate offers a closer look at the outcomes aimed, and evidence of, that are in support of the intended impacts. 

Area Directors and Staff

MI Staff

Review the list of MI’s local Area Directors and National Resource Center staff HERE

During your next meeting with your mentor, ask them to provide you with context for various individuals you’ll work more closely with, and to make introductions or recommendations for people to connect with. 

AD Call Schedule

Every Monday at 11am PT (unless otherwise noted on schedule), Area Directors and staff meet together on a Teams call. CLICK HERE to review topics, which range from:

  • Curriculum and Training
  • Church Engagement
  • Executive Team Updates
  • Prayer Calls
  • Leadership Support Groups
  • 1:1 Calls with another AD

Go Deeper: Learn-by-Doing

Listen to an AD Call

After reviewing the list of upcoming AD calls, determine with your AD Mentor one that would you appropriate for you to sit in on and listen to.

During the call, have a chat window open between your mentor to maintain a live discussion about the call. 

*NOTE: This will not be the call where you are formally introduced yet. 



Want to learn more? Need help applying to your ministry? A free Mission Increase coaching account includes one-on-one and small group coaching with your local Area Director.