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P-E-O – Part 1

Study Materials

Read: Coach Your Champions

This book is a great resource for helping leaders understand P-E-O and champion development. In this nuts and bolts nonprofit fable, you’ll learn how:

God has already sent your organization all the major donors you need.

Major donors are about more than big gifts; they’re champions awaiting your coaching to make a comprehensive difference in your cause.

Each and every person who comes to your ministry is sent as a gift and challenge from God – and God is holding you accountable to grow each one to their fullest potential.

Watch: P-E-O Webinar


Personal P-E-O

Step 1: Think about something you are passionate about. A sports team, music, a hobby (food, hiking, beer), or a cause (human trafficking, the environment, clean eating). Example: running

Step 2: On a sheet of paper, list all the steps you’ve take connected to that topic.

Step 3: Consider how you would categorize each of the steps (P, E or O). For example:

Step 4: List below how you’ve engaged in the various ways.

Personal P-E-O Categories

Individual Champion Development Plan

MI P-E-O Chart

Going Deeper

P-E-O Champion Growth Strategy

Creating Next Step Strategies for Common Ministry Entry Points

Watch for Signals



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