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Making the MI Case

MI’s Case for Support Tool is a commonly used resource for ministry leaders.

Download the Case for Support tool under the materials tab to see the one-page tool leaders use. Following the same structure, explore articulating a case for Mission Increase.  Think about our broader cause, the problem we are called to solve etc. Allow your study of MI’s mission, vision, and values to influence your thinking.

Case for Support Structure

Why do you exist? What must be accomplished?   When making your case, you can state the problem that exists and why it exists. This is the kingdom/community problem you are trying to solve. For example, you can make a statement like:

Every day kids are doing poorly in school because they don’t have the financial resources and social support they need to thrive.


Who are you, what do you do and where?  When making your case, you should say who you are, what you do and where you do it.  For example, you can make a statement like:

Back to School Ministries is a group of champions who serve kids in our community by providing food for those who are physically hungry, school supplies for kids who face academic barriers, and resources so kids can participate in extracurricular activities to keep them engaged.


What impact are you having? How can you prove it works? Your case should demonstrate the progress you are making in the cause. For example, you can make a statement like:

Since getting started in 1998, dropout rates have decreased by x%, more kids are experiencing community through activities like basketball and band and kids are better able to concentrate after receiving a healthy breakfast every morning. 


Why and how should others get involved.  Your case should also include an invitation to DO something.  For example, you can make a statement like this:

We believe God calls us all to care for the “widows and orphans in their distress” and that these children are the widows and orphans of our community.  You can join this work by volunteering to serve meals, donate backpacks and provide instruments or uniforms, coach a team or play at a band concert and pray regularly with our prayer groups.

EXAMPLE: Every day___________________________________________________ because ________________________________________________________.
EXAMPLE: __________________ is really a group of champions who serve _________________ in _____________________________ by _______________________________.
EXAMPLE: Since getting started in __________(year), ________________________________ ___________________________________________(meaningful measure or outcome.)
EXAMPLE:We believe God calls us all to _________________________________ and you can join this work by ___________________________________ and by ________________________________________________________.
Consider how you’ll use this case for support tool as you coach and teach ministry leaders, as you communicate with ministry leaders about MI, and as you communicate with community leaders and givers about MI

Download the Case for Support tool.



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