Event’s Narrative Arc

Problem: Many trained missionaries are stopped from serving on the field due to the crushing debt obtained to pursue an occupation that would allow them into a closed country.  

Solution(s): Provide debt repayment programs for approved missionaries 

Outcomes: More missionaries are able to go, and stay, on the field which means that more people are being reached with the Good News, their lives and villages are being radically transformed. 

Invitation / Projected Event Goals: When you give, it relieves missionaries of the burden of debt, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their work proclaiming the gospel and bringing the Good News to unreached people groups.  

Possible Next Steps


  • Write letters of encouragement to a missionary 
  • Host a missionary for dinner while they are home on furlough  


  • Read a blog about the significant requirements placed on missionaries 
  • Attend a documentary screening to learn about an unreached people group 


  • Share what you learned at the dinner what you learned with a friend 
  • Repost a social media message  
  • Host a “Fill a Heart” party with your friends 


  • Attend our monthly prayer zoom call 
  • Pick a missionary in our program and commit to praying for them weekly by name 


  • Make a gift to our debt-repayment pool 
  • Become a monthly partner and help cover a specific missionary’s debt 

Notes from a Recent Event

  • The dinner was held at an airplane hangar, emphasizing that missionaries are sent all over the world.  
  • Testimonials were from current/past missionaries. 
  • Keynote speaker was a woman who had heard the gospel through a missionary, describing how her life had been transformed as a result.  
  • In the entry way were interactive exhibit showing the various occupations missionaries use as a means to reach people with the Gospel. They shared examples of real-life conversations and prompted guests to consider how they could share their own faith stories in their jobs and lives.  
  • Behind the speakers on the stage is a world map, again emphasizing that this cause is indeed global. 
  • The event ended with a time of worship 



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