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Example: Case for Support used in other communication pieces

Case for Support Influencing Other Communication Pieces

  • One of Engage to Go Ministries’s key programs is called PLUR Way, which stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. They are an outreach ministry to young people who attend raves. 

Their Case for Support is: 

  • The Problem: Many young people are searching for a place to belong, often finding it in rave-culture rather than the church.
  • The Solution: PLUR Way’s Rave Moms and Dads meets these young people at the places where they do feel welcomed – at raves. Through acts of love and service, they break down barriers and create opportunities for young people to feel welcomed and reached by the Church.
  • The Outcome: After each rave, Rave Moms receive countless phone calls and texts from ravers and begin building relationships where discipleship happens. 
  • The Invitation: Join us in praying for an upcoming rave, or for a rave sign up to make Kandi bracelets that are used to create an immediate point of connection with ravers that build trust and opens a door for gospel conversations.

The example below is a letter that was sent out that has a thread-line of their Case for Support in it. See if you can spot each of the four elements. 

In these first few paragraphs, we see the problem that PLUR Way exists to solve expanded upon. 

Here we see a demonstration of how this grandma is a part of the solution, through the power of prayer, to reach her granddaughters. 

This paragraph provides a perspective on the solution PLUR Way provides through bracelet making.

Here we see a very clear invitation given. 

Here we see a very clear invitation given. 

Here we see a very clear invitation given. 



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